North Cyprus Property

With 300 days of sunshine, golden beaches, friendly people and stunning countryside, it’s no wonder that many North Cyprus holidaymakers seriously consider buying property in North Cyprus! With attractive modern property developments of villas and apartments in Northern Cyprus available at very reasonable prices, both holidaymakers and property investors have plenty to choose from. So, what should you look for when buying a property in North Cyprus?

Buying property in North Cyprus: Mediterranean Sunshine + Business Brain!

Just because you are buying a property in the sunshine, don’t leave your brain beside the pool when looking for a villa or apartment in Northern Cyprus! Think about the same factors you would consider when buying a property in the UK or Europe; location, proximity to facilities, the potential rental market, and most importantly, your budget.

North Cyprus Property Title Deeds

There are four major types of title deeds on North Cyprus properties, all of which have their roots in the events of 1974 that split Cyprus into two separate countries. Always ask what type of title deed is offered on a property, as some are more desirable than others. As recent court cases have proved (such as the Orams case); buying property in North Cyprus is as safe as buying property anywhere in the Mediterranean.

Do Your Own Research on North Cyprus Properties

There is no substitute for doing your own research about purchasing property in North Cyprus. Take time before you go to explore options on the web; Cyprus44 offer a unique guide to the top new developments in North Cyprus categorised by price, for example. Visit online forums and read real buyers’ experiences of purchasing North Cyprus villas and apartments in various resorts, and ask them questions. Check your available finances, and investigate North Cyprus mortgages if you need funds.

Buying property in North Cyprus: solicitors

The North Cyprus legal system is based on that of England, so much will seem familiar. However, it is very important when considering purchasing your holiday home or investment property in North Cyprus that you employ an independent English-speaking solicitor to check all your Turkish paperwork, and check on the title deed status of any purchase, whether new build or older property. Now you’re ready for the fun bit – choosing your ideal property in delightful North Cyprus! Book your North Cypus hotel and flights to North Cyprus with us, at

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