North Cyprus Infographic

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  • North Cyprus is 2 hours ahead of the UK.
  • Cyprus is divided into two separate regions, North Cyprus and the Republic of Cyprus in the south. A border runs across the island between the two.
  • North Cyprus is Turkish and uses Turkish Lira. South Cyprus is Greek and uses the Euro.
  • North Cyprus gets 340 days of sunshine per year. Average temperatures are between 20-30 degrees Celsius, with July and August being the hottest months.
  • Turkish holidaymakers are the #1 nationality visiting North Cyprus. This is followed by holidaymakers from the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Poland, Austria, Belgium and Italy.
  • North Cyprus can be accessed by 2 airports:
    • Ercan Airport (ECN) is located in North Cyprus, just 25 minutes drive from Kyrenia.
    • Larnaca Airport (LCA) is located in south Cyprus, with quick and easy border crossings via motorways to the North.
  • Prices in North Cyprus are cheap and holidaymakers from Europe especially get better value for their Pounds and Euros.
    Turkish coffee costs £1.50, whereas a local beer Efes costs £2.
    Kebab served in pita is £4 on average.
    Car hire can be arranged online for as low as £10 per day, averaging at £15 per day.
    Holiday homes in Northern Cyprus can be bought for £90,000.
  • North Cyprus has over 30 unspoilt sandy beaches.
    The most famous is the Golden Turtle Beach located in the Karpas Peninsula.
  • North Cyprus is famous for wild donkeys and rare sea turtles who return every year to lay their eggs on the beaches.
  • The top 3 must-visit sights are the Kyrenia harbour, the St Hilarion Castle and the Bellapais Monastery.
  • There is an amazing 18-hole golf course in North Cyprus, set amongst olive trees with stunning mountain and sea views. Golf can be played all year round thanks to warm Cyprus climate.

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